Embracing the Elements: A Safari Wedding Tale at Ulusaba

As 2023 drew to a close, we had the honor of capturing a summer safari wedding at Ulusaba. It is a time when the bush is a lush green and when the weather can be unpredictable. South African Lowveld summers have frequent rainy days when the heavens open to settle the dust after the dry winters. But in it lies its own beauty. Everything looks healthy and vibrant. It was our final wedding of 2023. The weather presented a blend of cool, rainy, and windy conditions. Yet the couple from Ireland, somewhat accustomed to such elements, embraced the moodiness and enjoyed every moment of it. So did we!

An encounter with a leopard

En route to the lodge, luck was on our side as we saw a leopard perched on a termite mound. It was a fitting beginning to a day. As double luck will have it, we witnessed the same leopard in a tree right after finishing the couple shoot—another fitting end to the day.

Tranquil Beginnings at Safari Lodge

At Safari Lodge, the couple prepared in their respective suites, enjoying the tranquility amidst the buzz of excitement. Sipping champagne, the bride’s preparations unfolded while the make-up artist and hairdresser worked their magic.

A Windswept Ceremony on the Rock Lodge Deck

High atop, on the Rock Lodge deck, the gusty winds added an unexpected charm to the heartfelt moments during the ceremony. The bride’s veil danced in the wind, and confetti flew about, creating a beautiful picture against the backdrop of the Sabi Sand landscape.

Dark Clouds: Dramatic Safari Wedding Images

Despite the drizzle, we ventured into the bush, where the weather offered its own beauty. Fortunately, the drizzle stopped for most of the shoot, and it was a pleasant, cool day out. The dark clouds created beautiful images, adding something different to the safari wedding photographs.

Unexpected Encounters with Giraffes

While we were taking images alongside the game drive vehicle and the “Just Married” sign attached to it, a herd of curious giraffes became the unexpected backdrop. The moments captured against a backdrop filled with giraffes were exceptional moments we all enjoyed. Unplanned and a highlight.

As we bid farewell to 2023’s weddings, we eagerly await the tales that the new year will bring, grateful for being part of such special safari wedding celebrations.

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