Wild and Wonderful: A Safari Wedding at Sabi-Sabi

In the heart of the untamed African bush, Sabi Sabi set the stage for a safari wedding that was nothing short of wild and magical. As the couple prepared for their big day in the luxury and comfort of their suites, they were treated to an unforgettable spectacle – a herd of elephants on the plains right before their eyes!

An Elephant’s Drink by the Pool

And as if the wildlife surrounding the lodge wasn’t enough, one elephant decided to add an extra touch of adventure. Taking everyone by surprise, this gentle giant wandered up to the swimming pool for a refreshing drink. It was a surreal and special moment.

A Bush Ceremony and Traditional Dancers

Under the shade of a large tree, the couple exchanged vows in an intimate bush ceremony. Traditional dancers added a wonderful energy to the celebration, putting up an exhilarating show that left the newlyweds in awe of the rich cultural experience.

Capturing Moments with Elephants and African Sunsets

After the ceremony, we ventured into the bush to capture more memories with the couple. They really wanted photographs with elephants, which is not always an easy task, but we managed to capture a few from a separate game drive vehicle. From vast open plains to the shade of ancient fig trees, each location offered a beautiful backdrop for great wedding pics.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the couple found themselves amidst open plains, witnessing a breathtaking sunset, while enjoying a sundowner to end the special day in Africa.

A Wedding Adventure to Remember

The safari wedding at Sabi Sabi was an adventure filled with wild encounters, love, and the raw beauty of the African wilderness. As their safari wedding photographers, we were honored to capture these special moments.